Sell Jewelry for Money from Home

The jewelry niche is becoming a very popular business opportunity! Here is how to sell jewelry for money from home!


Did you know that the jewelry industry now blooms on ecommerce sales? There are more and more people shopping for these beautiful items online today than they do with physical stores. This is a huge opportunity for all those interested in making extra money selling jewelry from the comfort of your home.

So, how to sell jewelry for money from home?

    • MLM Jewelry Companies: The direct selling or also known as network marketing is used by companies that represent their own brands and distribute the items through personal consultants. Even though it is dominated by beauty products and healthcare products, the jewelry niche is also becoming an attractive business opportunity. Some of the companies that may attract your attention are Stella and Dot, Chloe and Isabel, Sabika, Premier Designs, Touchstone Crystal, and etc. There are numerous benefits of becoming a “jewelry consultant”. The products are high-quality and stylish, you are able to purchase your own jewelry for up to 50% discount, there are other benefits such as all-expense paid trips and bonuses to keep you motivated in what you do.

  • Dropship jewelry: This kind of business usually includes 3 parties: you, the customer, and the wholesaler. Once you will secure a sales order from a customer, the wholesaler will pack and ship the item directly to the customer without bothering you. The difference between the retail selling price and the cost you pay to the wholesaler is the profit you get.
  • Sell your own jewelry: If you are feeling passionate about crafting your own jewelry, selling jewelry online on an online store is the best way to do it. The handmade jewelry production is smaller in scale, however, they do appeal to a specific set of people. Today, you can easily create your own online store by using the ecommerce marketplaces. Etsy, for example, is one of the best marketplaces for selling handmade items. For every sale, a certain percentage goes to pay for the transaction and product listing fees which means that you don’t get to take 100% of the profit. We think that this is fair because Etsy provides you with visitors and new buyers all the time.

Now that you know how to sell jewelry for money from home, pick the best option, start selling, and make some money!


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